Bottle & Bottega Franchisees Balance Family and Work

Bottle & Bottega’s commitment to enriching the communities in which it operates with inspiring art for all is stronger than ever – in fact, Bottle & Bottega franchisees and team members often appear on local news platforms to discuss the event planning, entrepreneurship, art, franchising and business matters of the day.


Recently, Meg and Paul LeFaivre, the owners of Bottle & Bottega La Grange, appeared in My Suburban Life to discuss how they balance business ownership and family.

“We sat down and discussed it as a family first,” Meg said in the article. “We put in a lot of hard work, and it’s been great for everybody in the family. The thing that’s worked out best for Paul and me is that we have the divide-and-conquer mentality where we’re able to work to our strengths, both at home and at work. With his background in finance, he takes care of payroll and supply orders and working with vendors, where I work the front end, working with clients, hiring and training. Our defined roles help us to keep things in check. It’s also been really rewarding. Being able to own your own business means that you can involve your children.”

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While people join the Bottle & Bottega franchise for different reasons, one common thread among franchisees is their desire to positively affect their communities through art and entertainment as well as creating a business that they can be proud of.

Our franchise locations are all locally owned and operated in exclusive territories with the Bottle & Bottega franchise systems and tools.

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