Our concept began and continues to grow during even the most challenging economic climates. Additionally, our team has over 20+ years of experience training & supporting franchisees and helping them grow their business. We anticipated the explosion of our industry from day one and took care developing our unique market strategy to set us apart from our competitors. Our unique approach to our business model includes some of the key areas below:

All Art Form Innovation

We focus on all art forms not just painting so our concept is always fresh and innovative.

Our Pop Up Business

Our mobile Pop-Up model allows us to immediately launch into any market and provides unlimited revenue stream opportunities once the studio is open.

Chic Studio Design

Our chic studio design is sophisticated and comfortable just like being in your own living room and is designed to host multiple events simultaneously.

Private Party Expertise

We are event planning experts able to execute any type of custom painting party with no size limit…our largest event to date is 250 painters. We make it all happen in an amazing way!


  • We have partnered with the best technology companies in the industry to develop our custom suite of enterprise-class level products and solutions that come with unparalleled support for our franchisees.
  • We provide protected territories so our franchisees can maximize their market opportunities.
  • We have multiple revenue pipelines with focus on public, private adult and corporate events.
  • Our concept is fun, fresh and easier to execute than other retail models.

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